It’s what we’ve all been waiting for — to get our hands on those watercolors that were part of our art kit! Curt gave a demonstration on the media, techniques and processes of working with watercolor as well as a brief discussion of color theory.

Students worked on a variety of self-inspired projects from painting tulips to creating color wheels.

After a lunch break, we met everyone at the Palazzo Strozzi where there was an exhibit of Impressionist work. This was the perfect fit for our needs as the exhibit was mounted as a didactic presentation of the working methods of the Impressionists. Infrared technology revealed multiple results, including organic materials in the paint that indicated the work was completed en plein air as well as grids and preparatory drawings underneath (how “spontaneous” was their work?) The students had a deeper understanding of their own working methods and left the museum with the inspiration to try new techniques in their own work.