We set off for Santa Croce this morning, hoping to have a few hours in the piazza to water color and draw. As we rounded the corner, we discovered that the entire piazza had been set up for a music concert the night before — not a square inch of real estate to park and work!

So, we headed to Santissima Annunziata and the piazza that is flanked by the church, Brunellischi’s Ospitale degli Innocenti, and Museo Archologico, and a former convent that has been re-purposed into a hotel (in fact, one of our students stayed there with her parents earlier!)

Although it was hot and several amongst us were a little tired from a busy evening before, we set to work for the rest of the morning.

We ended the session just before noon so that those students who were traveling for the weekend could get to the hostel and collect their bags.

The rest of us headed off for the Bargello to see the museum before a special exhibition closed on the weekend. This Bargello holds the major sculpture collection in Firenze (minus David and Michelangelo’s Slaves). There is also a gallery of Islamic art, metalwork (including jewelry), armor, and majoilica, etc.