Mondays have been established as studio days. Given that many students travel ambitiously over the weekend on their free time, we’ve hit a nice rhythm of keeping close to home/hostel on Monday.

We had our first “critique” together today — more of a show-and-tell than a formal critique. Students were asked to bring their Five Faves (five works created thus far) and to talk about their interests, share their processes, and look forward to what they would still like to accomplish. We learned a lot about each other as well as learning from each other. They all reported later that this was a great activity and that they are looking forward to this again toward the end of our program.

The instructors began individual conferences with the students today — just an opportunity to check-in with everyone and spend some quality time talking about his/her experiences thus far, their work, what they still hope to do/see/experience on the program, and to get some solid feedback on the pace of activities, etc. These conferences will continue through Wednesday.

The program dinner was at Il Gatto e La Volpe (the Cat and the Fox), a restaurant near the Bargello that several students found last week for lunch. Copious amounts of good food, including brushetta, grilled eggplant and zucchini, and a pasta dish of choice. Many plastic containers followed us back to the hostel.