This morning we headed out to the Museo Zoologico and “La Specola”, very close to our hostel. The museum contains an amazing collection of fossils, minerals, taxidermied animals and birds, and the most unusual portion of the museum, 100’s of anatomical waxes created in the 18th century.

Individual conferences continued through the afternoon. A group of students went to the Palazzo Strozzi to see a silent film from 1927 that was part of a film series associated with the Impressionist exhibit that we saw last week. The film was shown at the Odeon, an amazingly beautiful theatre with luxurious seats. Several naps were reported.

We brought food from a local rosticceria, La Mangiatoia, to the hostel for dinner. Trays of lasange, roasted vegetables, salad, and pizza bianca were served. Only four students interested in gelato afterwards!