We boarded the train for Siena around 9:15 this morning, fully prepared for a smoking hot day (temperatures in the low 90’s). The hour and a half train ride gave more than a few students a chance to catch up on some sleep.

The climb from the train station to the historical center of Siena took about 20 minutes, but the first glimpse of the campo of this medieval city was worth every step. We began by climbing the Torre del Mangia, the tower (388 steps) associated with the civic building on the Campo. The view toward the rolling countryside as well as of the maze-like streets of the town were impressive. We then took off to find some pizza a la taglia (by the slice) and then to visit the Museo Civico where Simone Martini’s “Maesta” and the Lorenzetti brothers’ “Allegory of Good and Bad Government” frescoes reside.

Students were then free to explore the rest of the town independently, including the Duomo where series of marble inlays on the floor are the highlight.

We caught a 5:00 train home. Many students expressed that this was their favorite cathedral yet.