Our weekly orientation brought us face-to-face with the undeniable fact that we have five more days together before the program ends. We reminded ourselves to stay anchored in the moment even though thoughts are turning toward the logistics of getting ourselves back to the US.

The morning was spent in studio time in preparation for our “Artists Reception” tomorrow morning.

At 1:00, we met at the bus stop near the entrance of Santa Maria Novella train station and boarded several local buses (the #7) that wind their way up the hill to Fiesole. The weather has turned decidedly cool and quite windy. Our objective in Fiesole: the Archeological Museum and Roman site that includes a theater, baths and other structures. They were busy installing large sculptures by a contemporary artist in several places within the site. The Museum contains Etruscan artifacts as well as a significant collection of vases and other ceramics. It was pretty chilly, so we kept warm by taking lots of photos.

Some of us went next door to the Bandini Museum with it’s collection of ceramics from the della Robbia workshop as well as panel paintings from the 13th – 15 centuries.

The bus ride back to Florence gave us one last birds-eye view of the city skyline that has become so familiar to us over the past month…