This is our last day in Florence before we depart for the Umbrian portion of our journey. After breakfast, we lined up all of the tables in the studio and everyone put out the work they have done during this seminar. This was the first opportunity to truly appreciate everyone’s efforts and the progress that each individual has made during this intensive studio-based program. For some of us, it was emotionally overwhelming!

The afternoon was spent in last minute errands — primarily shopping for gifts and momentos to bring back to the States. We kept running into each other and checking out each other’s shopping bags!

Our final program dinner in Florence was back at the same restaurant where we ate our second group dinner and Mario did a fabulous job, once again. It was awards night — every participant received a certificate of completion (designed by Meg and signed by the instructors) and a Piccolo Davido — a three-inch plastic recreation of Michelangelo’s “David.”

Everyone was reminded to get packed tonight as we’ll be out the door tomorrow morning, bright and early, to board our charter bus and head off to Perugia.