We woke up this morning to rain and the gloomy skies mirrored the sadness that we all felt as we began to pack up and begin our individual journeys home. Two of our comrades had already departed last night due to early flights out of Florence today, so the rest of us were heading to the railroad station in Perugia to catch trains to Florence and Rome. A caravan of six cabs showed up at 10:00 and we all jumped in.

At the station, the Roma group had to leave first (about 12 of us), so hugs were distributed and we boarded. The Florence group had another 30 minutes to wait for their train.

The departure plans for everyone were different, although we found ourselves on some of the same flights over the next few days.

Arrivederci, amici! Arrivederci, Italia.

We are looking forward already to our first reunion back in the States!