What were the most important things you learned during your Exploration Seminar experience (academic and/or personal)?

I learned a larger deal about the world than I would ever have expected. Going abroad puts you out of your place at home and shows you the world from a different perspective. You have to be open to all of the things you can learn out there or you will never have the ‘full’ experience. Interacting with the locals and learning how they see life and the world made me realize that, even with all of the differences, we really are all the same.

I learned how important it was to see new things, learn new things, and try new things.

Language, friendship, relationships, art (all of it).

Just being able to get out of my comfort zone at home.

I learned more ways to use art. I was also able to see people from different academic backgrounds connect in art, even if it wasn’t their forte. In the more cultural sense, I learned more of the differences between different parts – even towns – of Italy.

Cultural awareness and sensitivity, connecting with others.

Learning the Italian culture and bonding with the students I went with.

What was your favorite part of the Exploration Seminar experience?

Connecting with the everyone; the people from the group, the locals, and other tourists.

The people; directors and fellow students.

Meeting students from school that I am now best friends with.

My classmates and professors.

Meeting other people and making connections with the people in my group. It was great being able to share experiences with each other.

Traveling with a group of peers was amazing.

I liked the balance of organized program time and personal free time.

The Italian culture.

My favorite part of the Exploration Seminar was getting to work with our group and meet new people.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your Exploration Seminar experience?


Wonderful and unforgettable!

I would do it again.

it was amazing and one of my favorite experiences in my UW career.

It was amazing! A truly great experience that I am so happy I had the opportunity to do.