Up early and on the train to Siena, a perfect gem of medieval Italy. The one hour, twenty-minute train ride got us there by 10:45. A walk up the hill to the city and we found ourselves in the amazing campo, completely lined by incredible buildings, including the Torre de Mangia, the city tower.

We had a bit of a wait, but were able to climb the tower and view the haphazard streets of Siena as well as view our next stop, the Cathedral. For many students, this was an incredible experience as every square inch of the interior is decorated with marble, fresco, bronze and paint.

We then went back to the campo to draw — the idea was for everyone to pick a viewpoint from the middle and we will try and put together a panoramic from the 19 drawings.

Once back in Florence, it was only rational to stop by our gelato place for a bit of refreshment!