Today, the secret to illusionistic space was revealed, Through a series of drawing exercises, centered around string grids hung on the two windows of our classrooms, we wrapped our heads around the concept of the “Renaissance Window”.

Several hours later, there were a few “ah hah” moments and, at at the very least, a new appreciation for the challenges of creating illusionistic space on a two-dimensional plane.

We began individual student conferences this afternoon, a chance to meet one-on-one with each student to check-in, get some feedback and look at the work she/he has done thus far. The book arts class and the sketchbooks and journals that resulted have been especially popular.

In the evening, we headed out to Il Gatto e’ la Volpe (the Cat and the Fox) for dinner. Substantial portions of bruschetta, pasta and salad. A great end to a great day.