After multiple journeys taken over the weekend by smaller groups (Cinqueterre, Verona and Sachile in the Veneto region), we gathered today after breakfast to view the calendar for the week (including two out-of-town day trips to Lucca/Viareggio and Siena). Museums and sites will include the Accademia, the Museo Marino Marini and the church of Santa Croce.

First activity of the day: an Oltrarno Scavenger Hunt. The group was divided into three teams:

Team San Frediano: Danica, Collin, Charla, Stephanie, Hannah & Lexi

Team Santo Spirito: Whitney, Win, G’iana, Elena, Sunny & Kate

Team San Niccolo’: Ariana, Joan, Kendra, Phillip, Chrissy, Leslie & Ann

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Here was the challenge:

  1. Provided with a map, you will scour your assigned neighborhood, collecting information on the monuments indicated by the icons on your map. Icons include churches, tabernacles, palaces, parks, bridges, towers, museums, etc.
  2. Once you have located a monument, you must document it visually (photograph, quick sketch, etc.) and record any relevant information that you learn from the site.  For example: Tabernacle at the corner of Via S. Giovanni and Via Pisana. Madonna and Infant Jesus with young John the Baptist. Plaque indicates it was painted by Andrea Del Sarto in 1525. Candles and artificial flowers placed at the base.
  3. Points will be assigned both to the quantity of monuments documented and to the quality of the information gathered.  In terms of quantity, points are weighted in the following manner to account for density of monuments and scale of the neighborhood:

Team Santo Spirito – 1 point per monument

Team San Frediano – 1.5 points per monument

Team San Niccolo’ – 2 points per monument

Additional bonus points for locating the signs that are posted around Florence, indicating the water level of the 1966 flood.

The teams assembled, developed their strategy, and set off to inventory our neighborhood.

We gathered again in the studio at 2:00 to let a little color into our lives. Contained in the students’ art packets were a set of water colors and a brush. Curt provided a demonstration of techniques to use water color, water color pencils, and other water-based media. The students worked on color swatches and other experiments to grapple with the new materials.

The clouds opened and a refreshing rain fell, cleansing the air, cleaning the sidewalks, and cooling the temperature to a chilly 71 degrees. Very refreshing. The weather report for the coming days shows the return of the sun and temperatures in the low to mid-80’s.

We headed out for a group dinner — another great meal at Il Gatto e’ La Volpe. Prizes were awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners for the Scavenger Hunt. Team San Niccolo’ took home the gold. Everyone did a great job and more than 360 monuments were catalogued.