While we don’t usually double-down on museums or site visits in a single day, today we carried out an ambitious plan: the Boboli Gardens in the morning and the Bargello Museum in the afternoon With just a week left in Florence, we are maximizing our time!

The Giardino Boboli is just a five minute walk from our hostel, so we headed out shortly after breakfast with water colors and other drawing materials in hand. While the skies were overcast, the temperatures were comfortable and the cloud cover afforded the students with limitless places to sit and work on their paintings without having to seek shade. With guidebooks in hand, everyone set out to take in the 11-acre site at their own pace. Fountains, sculpture, grottoes and a wide variety of plantings provided something for everyone.

Lunch was on our own, the we regrouped at the Bargello Museum to visit Florence’s greatest collection of sculpture.  Ariana gave a brief presentation on Donatello’s “David” and we all dispersed to view works by Michelangelo, Ghiberti, Giambologna, the Della Robbia workshop, and more. Each student was asked to sit down and sketch a work that they found interesting.

Weather reports are beginning to be of concern. Tomorrow, we are scheduled to return to Scarperia for the Palio (games), but if there is rain, we have learned that the games will be postponed until Sunday. We now have both a Plan A and Plan B schedule for either possibility. A bit stressful, but this group is determined to make it work!