La Specola is possibly one of the most unique museums in Florence. While Museo Galileo is dedicated to the history of science, La Specola is the city’s zoological and natural history museum. In it’s 34 galleries are 24 dedicated to fossils, insect specimens and taxidermied animals, birds (lots of birds), and fish. 10 galleries contain anatomical waxes, carefully created to provide medical students the ability to study human anatomy without the use of cadavers. There is also a beautiful tribunal dedicated to Galileo. The museum opened in 1775 and was the first public museum of its kind.

As is our tradition on Friday, we ended programming at lunch to allow everyone to move on with their weekend plans. Venice and Cinqueterre sound to be popular destinations, but there are a few who are going horseback riding instead.

We will have our last group dinner in Firenze on Sunday. Then, it’s off to Roma!