Today we joined another Exploration Seminar group, the design program led by Chris Ozubko, and boarded a charter bus for Subiaco, a two-hour journey from Rome. It was an early start, so many of the students took the opportunity to nap along the way.

Subiaco is an important site because it is where Saint Benedict went into seclusion to pray, meditate and reflect and then found the first monastery in the 6th century. We were guided through the site by Sara, a knowledgeable young woman who provided us with a great tour of both monasteries (Santo Benedetto and the second which is dedicated to Santa Scholastica). We learned a great deal about the history of the sites. We also were able to visit both churches and the library.

We were served a lovely (and much-welcomed lunch) at the Foresteria. Then, back on the bus and off to visit Frascati on our way back. Frascati (the name may sound familiar because it is a type of sparkling white wine) is a sweet little town with a beautiful view back towards Rome and a major Renaissance garden.

Back to Silvio’s for dinner —- everyone was hungry after a long day on the road. Tomorrow is the final day of the program and we are beginning to fully realize how much we have seen and experienced together.