We have reached the end of our first week in Florence. Temperatures remained high today, but we have the promise of a break in the weather this weekend.

Today’s objective? Monument? Document! The students, in three teams (San Frediano, San Niccolo and Santo Spirito) scoured the neighborhood for monuments (tabenacles, historical markers, unique buildings, gardens, etc.) to photograph and document. Prizes for first, second and third places included mini-sketchbooks, Florentine paper and small etchings of the Duomo. The assignment is a great way to re-orient yourself to a place — by looking up instead of at the sidewalk, you find how visually rich the neighborhood really is.

We augmented the awards ceremony with pizza from La Mangiatoia. As is traditional for our program, we end in the early afternoon on Fridays for those who are interested in weekend travel. Itineraries we are hearing include Lucca, Pisa, Viareggio, and Rome.

Have a great weekend!