We began the morning in the studio, getting some logistics clarified as well as talking about expectations for putting in studio time. Then, each student brought out two things she/he has worked on over the past week and talked about their methods, their successes and frustrations, and things they wanted to learn. Everyone had drawings and paintings that they felt good about and can use as a benchmark for their progress over the next few weeks.

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We broke for lunch, agreeing to meet at the Museo del’Opera del Duomo at 2:00. The collection includes sculptural works taken from both the facade and the interior of the basilica as well as the Campanile and the Baptistery. Sadly, Ghiberti’s Gates of Paradise are in restoration, but Mary was able to tell us a bit about them based on her research. Paige also gave us a glimpse into the della Robbia workshop as the museum contains numerous teracotta works by Giovanni, Andrea and Luca.

We then took a smaller group of students to Zecchi, the oldest art supply store in Florence. Multiple purchases were made including a mezzotint rocker, brushes, paper and even a t-shirt or two!

Dinner was on our own. Tonight many of Florence’s museums were open, free to the public, from 7 – 11 p.m.