As is our tradition, we had an early breakfast and were out the door by 7:30 this morning to head over to the Accademia. While Michelangelo’s David is the big draw, the museum’s collection includes painting, a musical instruments, a gallery of plaster casts and a special exhibition of Lorenzo Bartolini.

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The students were required to create one postcard from a work in the Accademia. David was, of course, a popular subject not only because of his iconic status in Western art but also due to the convenient seating afforded. After the museum, we had a several hours break to grab lunch or, as some have learned, to take a mini-nap.

At 2:00, we met in the studio and then walked to a nearby park on the Arno to sketch panoramic drawings of the buildings on the other side. Because today was much cooler, it was quite pleasant, even if sitting in the sun.

Tonight we had a group dinner at Mario’s — choice of a primo (typically pasta, but here also includes ribolitta), a secondo (meat course) and water. Lots of food and great conversation.