This morning our journey took us to the Church of San Marco and the museum next door. On our way we bumped into Letizia who was on her way to our hotel. Letizia spent a year as an exchange student from Italy and went to high school in Seattle. As we walked past the Accademia, we saw that the door was closed because of a general strike in Italy. Imagine all of those people who are on shore excursions from the cruise lines, arriving in Florence to find out that the Uffizi and the Accademia are closed.

Fortunately, San Marco was open and we were able to spend several hours in the former monastery where Fra Angelico and Savanarola lived their lives. The monks’ cells each had an individual fresco on which they would meditate daily. Iconography included the Crucifixion and scenes from the Passion (betrayal in the garden, the Last Supper, Noli me tangere, etc.)

We finished the last two groups of conferences and then all reconvened in the studio to look at the work created last week (two panoramic drawings/paintings). The work is amazing! It is so incredible to see the progress made by everyone in such a short time.

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