Today we walked over to La Speccola, the museum of zoology that is right in our neighborhood. This collection was originally part of the vast Medici holdings and was housed in the Uffizi. Later, it was moved to the museum that is now the Museo Galileo and then finally to it’s current location at the edge of the Boboli Garden.

The collection is made up of insects, mollusks, mammals, and birds — not all are on display, but there are more than 3 million specimens. This year, we were given a private tour of the hall of skeletons by Annalise, a research scientist who works there.

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We took a break for lunch at La Mangiatoia — pizza and soda for all.

Back to La Speccola to draw for a few hours. Then, we met at Studio Giannini e’ FIglio  to learn more about carta marmozzata, the process of marbling paper. Guido Giannini is the fifth generation in his family to practice this art.