First Day Orientation & Dinner at Gatto e La Volpe Michael

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The weather is beautiful at a whopping hot 104 degrees. For those of us who are used to Seattle weather it takes some effort to adapt to. One by one, students arrive in Florence and we check in at the Foresteria, our home for the next 15 days, and confidence overflows that our hosts, Marta and Andrea, will take the upmost gracious care of us. Once everyone arrives, we then meet with our instructors, Curt and Daniele, at five o’clock, and a welcoming orientation is offered as well as a feast of grapes, bread, olive oil, nutella, and assorted cheeses to satiate our appetites. The air conditioning in the studio is sweet relief. We go over the basics for the program such as contact information, emergency situations, and our schedule for the upcoming week, then we head out for a group dinner to Gatto e la Volpe Michael, where we start with cold beverages, bruschetta, then entrees of our choice. It is a wonderful meal and great company despite the jetlag and exhaustion from traveling. To top it all off, we are treated to our first dose of gelato at La Carrara and it is a cool delicious way to end the first evening.