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There aren’t many who do not know of Michelangelo’s David but many do not get the pleasure of seeing the 17 feet sculpture, not including the pedestal, in person; today, not only does the program allows student to belong to those who have but also to make a sketch of the one and only David. Students learn that it is because Donatello never finished, Michelangelo did; how David was supposed to originally be viewed from below and that is why his head seems so big to the rest of his body; and that it was famous figures such as Leonardo da Vinci that had influenced the decision. David’s arm was broken but then was fixed in the 19th century and as marble dissolves in 1873 David was moved to the Accademia where it would be better preserved as Giambologna’s Rape of the Sabines and an extensive collection of timeless artworks.

Because Sunday will be a full day field trip our weekend begins early this week. For many, the upcoming weekend is time to check out the local hangouts and nightlife while others focus more on catching up on sleep, schoolwork, and unwinding from the previous weeks.