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Arrivederci Firenze! Buongiorno Roma!

After 15 days in Florence today we’re parting from Cynthia and traveling to Rome for a new adventure. We are extremely grateful to not have to lug our heavy luggage from having packed a month worth of essentials and many goodies we’ve purchased to the train station. A private bus is picking us up only a few blocks away and the bus has 32 seats, which allows most of us extra room to place extra luggage or stretch our legs out. After 4 hours on the private bus we are in Rome and after the commute and a quick powwow at the UW Rome Center, we are relieved to not have to tote around our luggage anymore and be able to settle into our apartments. There are four apartments we are divided into: 7 of the girls are assigned to the apartment closest to the Rome Center and the other three apartments, all across the river are assigned 5 girls, 4 girls, and 4 guys. We are immediately advised to buy a map of Rome since it is easy to get lost in the hustle of the city. We are again reminded of petty crime such as pick pocketing and to be aware of our surroundings. After some much needed down time, Curt takes us to a group dinner to his favorite pizza place, Dar Poeta and he is spot on: the pizza, especially the crust and the nutella calzones are absolutely delicious! On the way to the restaurant we get to witness the stray cats of Rome and after dinner, Curt also takes on a little Rome walk as a teaser for days yet to come.