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Fontana di Trevi, Gabinetto di Stampa, Isituto Nazionale per la Grafica, and Studio Time

After sampling some special pastries, a big thanks to Curt, students have the pleasure of visiting the famous Trevi fountain, a very popular tourist attraction.  It is easy to marvel at the beauty of Fontana di Trevi, and more than a few students make wishes as they throw in coins with high hopes and much amusement.

Next is a very special meeting to attend at the Gabinetto di Stampa, where an exclusive group tour is scheduled to view prints, drawings, and plates. To avoid accidents and for high priority in preservation, student are not allowed any food, drink, or pens in during the tour, no students are allowed to touch the prints, but Curt is allowed to present them with required cloth gloves. There is a wide range of prints and it is explains that the transition from wood to metal etchings was due to metal being a harder surface moved details more effectively onto prints and the result was prints becoming more affordable. It was a pleasant surprise to see a print by the famous French artist Henri de Toulouse Leutrec’s mixed in with Italian artists’ print work.

Students then are given a tour at the Isituto Nazionale per la Grafica where the largest collections of 15th century copper plates reside. The acid engravings are also impressive and Students are given print advice and information such as zinc being good for color while copper will change it. The tour ends with a demonstration of the process of print then students have a mini potluck in the Rome Center Studio, which helps many to catch up on their assignments as the weekend is nearly here.

Many of the students have planned a weekend trip to the Island Capri. With an early morning taxi ride , a train ride to Naples, and a ferry ride, upon arrival, students lounge in the sun, swim in the warm Mediterranean sea, take in the majestic sights, shop souvenirs, and awe over the beautiful plants and fruits throughout the island. The highlights are visiting the Blue Grotto, where tourists are able to take gondola rides into an amazing cave where a blue glow appears in the water, and having fresh seafood dishes such as spaghetti alla vongole and local wine at seaside restaurants.