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Galleria Borghese, Walk to SM del Popolo, & Studio Time

After walking through Piatta Generale, we arrive at Galleria Borghese, which possibly had the strictest checking system we’ve encountered. No personal belongings seem to be welcome including cameras, bags, purses, umbrellas, and water bottles. All possessions seem to be have to been checked into a locker which attendants would give us tokens for. The time consuming process of checking in however allow students to take turns enjoying the beautiful garden.

Upon entry, we are able to view the personal collection of artwork combined from ancient times, baroque, and up to the 1600’s. We are informed Borghese’s favorite artist was Caravaggio and possesses Bernini’s most important works such as Hades e Persephne and Apollo e Daphne. The sculpture captures the moment Daphne turns into a tree to get away from Apollo.

On the way back to the studio, where we are due for one on one appointment times for feedback on assignments, we take a slight detour and visit the Spanish Steps, Scallnata della Trinita del Monti which are a set of 135 steps which link the Piazza de Spagna and Piazza Trinita del Monti, is abundant of tourists and without hesitation, we opt to appreciate the view of the steps rather than climb them. Understandable but shocking is that eating is forbidden on the staircase.