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Modern Art Museum & Studio Time

It’s a rainy day so our plans have changed from doing outdoor watercolor at Ostia Antiqua to spending time inside the Modern Museum. The walk is on the longer side but on the way we get to witness how the cobblestone streets are installed in passing a street in need of repairs. It is a shame photography isn’t allowed in the museum but we are thrilled to be let in free of admission into the beautiful and spacious building that contains artworks from various times, places, and art movements from Baroque to the late 1900’s, neoclassicism, impressionism, early cubism, abstract expressionism, pop art, minimalism, conceptualism, futurism. We are exposed first hand to artwork we’ve only been able to see from textbooks from local Rome artists such as Michelangelo Caravaggio; and Austrian artist, Gustav Klimt; and French artist, Marcel DuChamp at the Galleria Nazionale d’arte Moderna.