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Criminology Museum & Libro

A visit to the Museo Criminologico Biblioteca Storica is both terrifying and fascinating. Students are not allowed to carry personal belongings such as even a purse or umbrella in and are required to check them at lockers at the entrance. The former prison facility, which feels like a multiple level maze, now is a museum that showcases an interesting mix of historical artifacts: wide varieties of torture devices, tools for forgeries,uniforms and artillery for law enforcement,  smuggling equipment, weapons used by criminals in public as well as within imprisonment, gambling supplies, and also pornography. There are figurines of torture methods which many student gasp at and are fascinated at the level of criminal punishment at the time. Another surprise is that this museum has an impressive library and even a guest book for visitors!

After the museum visit, students have homework to turn in and look forward to the weekend, the last weekend of studying abroad. In contrary to prior weekends, students are more inclined to stay put rather than go off on weekend trips, perhaps it is because of physically wearing out, perfectly understandable being away from home and having been on the go with nonstop stimulation. A more relaxed and casual weekend is welcome for many, and even staying put in Rome, with invitations to join Curt on a couple optional field trips to Ostia Antiqua on Saturday and visiting the Sunday antique market, the weekend is nothing short of busy. It is impressive this does not stop some students from going to visit cafes, a soccer game, or enjoying the local shopping and nightlife. Energy is a must in Italy!