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Last Day: Reimbursements, Vacate Studio, Packing, & Group Dinner at  Le Fate

Our last day is here. Some students have already headed to the airport while most of us are busy packing, getting reimbursed for miscellaneous expenses, cleaning and vacating our art studio space at the UW Rome Center, and squeezing in some last minute shopping.

As our last hurrah, we are treated to an amazing dinner at Le Fate. The restaurant is festively decorated and the ambiance is warm and welcoming. The extravagant and delectable feast consists of 11 courses. Each course heavenly, is shared family style among students and satisfies even the most hungry or picky eater.  Starting with bread, the courses consist of caprese salad, a grain and green salad, lightly fried onion with arugula, fried balls with olive, potato, or rice in the center, ratatouille, bruschetta with mushrooms, arugula and cheese, and tomato, ravioli with pesto and cheese, rigatoni with tomato sauce and bacon, seared chicken with potatoes and greens, then last but not least, tiramisu. Local white and red wine is also passed around the table as wonderful pairings to the meal.

A toast to the program and directors is made as we express our appreciation and Curt surprises us at the end of the meal with trophies of small figurines representative of Rome and certificates of completion. We are delighted to hear Cynthia, whom we had to part with in Florence, created the certificates as it feel like she is with us at heart on our last night in Rome. Curt jokes about how the trophies are probably the ugliest figurines he’s come across and everyone laughs but the affection is undeniable: everyone loves their trophies.