We set today aside for Scarperia recovery and small group conferences. Students were encouraged to take advantage of a “Choose Your Own Adventure” opportunity: visit a museum or other cultural site and get your entrance reimbursed.  Several took us up on the offer and re-visited the Belvedere and a first time visit to the Medici Chapel at San Lorenzo.

However, to start the day, a small group ventured out to the Cascine Park for the Tuesday morning market. This turned out to be the mother ship of all markets with stalls extending for what seemed to be more than a mile. Purchases were made, food was eaten (sausage panini, fried polenta — yum) and a few good hours were spent checking out the merch.

The afternoon was dedicated to small group conferences, a chance to check-in and get feedback on the program at the halfway point. Good insights and suggestions. All in all, a positive response to the pace and activities thus far.