Only a few days left in Florence, so we kicked it up a notch and planned two site visits (plus a group lunch) for the day.

Our first stop, the Palazzo Davanzati. This museum is one of the best deals in town — only 2 euros. The palazzo is one of the best examples of Renaissance domestic architecture (and furnishings) with an interesting history. Originally built for the Davizzi family (who made their fortune in banking, specifically to the Pope in Avignon during the schism), it was later purchased by the Davanzati and remained their home for 2 1/2 centuries. It then fell into a state of disrepair and was broken up into offices and family housing for the poor. An antiquities dealer refurbished it in the early part of the 20th-century and it opened to the public in the 1950’s.

Next, a walk past Zecchi, the oldest art supply store in Florence. Then, on to lunch at Mavi, one of the best Donner Kebab shops in town.

Finally, a visit to Santa Croce, the Franciscan church sponsored by the Medici and other important Florentine families. Known for its tombs (Gallileo, Michelangeo, Dante’s cenotaph, Machiavelli), it also has a fine museum with the beautiful Crucifix of Cimabue.