Tuscany: A Creative Journey
2013 Exploration Seminar in Italy

August 26 – September 19, 2013


Over the centuries artists, writers, composers, philosophers and others have journeyed to and throughout Italy in order to draw on the history, art, and mythology of the cultures and locations they visited as a backdrop to their own travels, observations and creative works.

In a similar manner, seminar participants live in Italy for one month, developing an understanding of the impact travel to this region provides by encountering and immersing themselves in selected locations throughout Italy. While the program is primarily based in Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, we also visit some of the important nearby hill towns, archeological sites, significant gardens and cultural hubs in central Italy. We will spend the final week of the program in Venice, home of the international contemporary art exhibition, the Biennale.

This hands-on creative experience is designed for undergraduates interested in exploring a variety of inspiring settings, developing a greater understanding of the history of Italy, and in documenting their travels through a diversity of media. In-country journaling provides the field notes to guide a workup of a final travel journal that takes on an artistic format. Through demonstrations and presentations, students learn to use a variety of creative methods to record their travels and express their ideas through digital media, drawing, watercolor, book making and collage. On-site lectures provide an art historical context to enhance participants’ understanding of their own work.