With a timed visit, the stress of waiting in line for Italy’s greatest collection of painting was lessened considerably. Instead, we were able to arrive and enter the museum directly.

The Uffizi has gone through a renovation (still ongoing) of the first floor and has a big expansion planned that will increase the gallery space by 60,000 square feet. The ability to display more of the collection (and to bring in additional special exhibitions) will be a direct result.

As it is, the Uffizi (like the Louvre or other major museums) is hard to handle in a single visit. Several students experienced the brain explosion that results from such intense visual stimulation. The Botticelli gallery is enough to push one over the edge!

Several hours later, in small groups, we emerged. Now, the weekend begins. Rome and Cinquterra appear to be the destinations this week.

For those remaining in town today, we offered an optional trip to the Marino Marini museum. Primarily a sculpture, Marini lived near Florence and a deconsecrated church was refurbished as a museum solely focused on his work (which also includes paintings, drawing and prints.)

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